More guys going under the knife (and the needle)

The number of men having plastic surgery procedures increased over 50 percent between 2011- 2015, that according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). In fact, about one-quarter to almost one-half of those seeking appearance enhancements these days are guys. Men say they worry about: The face, eyes, and hair For those men… Read More »

You, only better — with plastic surgery

You can surgically enhance your appearance and still look like you. Cosmetic plastic surgery can help you look younger, thinner and improved. From surgical to non-surgical procedures, our patients can tell you what they seek out most often. See if any of these treatments sound right for you: Breast augmentation– enlarging or balancing breast size… Read More »

Are your hands aging you?

Most of us concentrate our anti-aging efforts on the face. But there are two other parts of the body that can play a huge role in aging us, and we often ignore them completely: our hands. The skin on the hands is similar to the skin underneath the eyes The skin on the hands is… Read More »