A Cool Way to a Sculpted Chin

A Cool Way to a Sculpted Chin | CoolSculpting Houston TXThe development of so many sophisticated devices in recent years has changed the game of beauty in a major way. Today, our plastic surgery office is buzzing with activity because the non-surgical treatments that we offer are making beauty more accessible to more people. We couldn’t be more pleased to provide well-rounded care that addresses the varying degrees of aging. CoolSculpting is one example. We recently discussed some of the benefits of CoolSculpting, and now we’d like to focus directly on how this non-invasive technique stacks up against Kybella for double-chin treatment.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a minimally invasive injectable treatment that is based on the power of naturally-occurring deoxycholic acid. This acid is produced by the body to degrade dietary fat for fuel. In clinical trials, the direct introduction of deoxycholic acid into the area of unwanted fat cells proved effective at disrupting their outer membrane so they could be destroyed by natural means.

The way that Kybella treatment works is by administering up to 3 vials of product (fluid) into the fat beneath the chin. A grid pattern is used to mark the area to improve the consistency of results. Depending on the amount of fat reduction desired, up to fifty injections may be given in a single treatment session. Don’t worry, though, the topical numbing cream is meant to keep patients comfortable during each visit, of which up to four may be needed.

CoolSculpting for a Better Chin

The reputable CoolSculpting device has expanded its capabilities with the introduction of a new, smaller handpiece designed for the double chin. Like Kybella, the CoolSculpting Mini rids the body of fat for good. This technique does not require a local anesthetic, and it does not involve injections. The way that CoolSculpting works are by freezing unwanted fat cells. It’s that simple. The scientific term for this is cryolipolysis, a process of crystallization of the fat cells and their subsequent demise.

What About Results?

According to research, most patients who undergo Kybella treatment notice between 10 and 25% improvement after a few treatment sessions. To achieve a sculpted, angular jawline could take as many as six sessions over several months. CoolSculpting patients report 20 to 25% improvement after one treatment.

It is important to understand that both Kybella and CoolSculpting are meant to work with the body’s natural metabolism of fat. Each of these treatments works over weeks of time. For quick, consistent results, it may be beneficial to consider neck liposuction.

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