CoolSculpting is a Gift that Keeps on Giving

CoolSculpting Houston & Sugar Land TX | Dr David Altamira A number of the people we meet express frustration about fat that has accumulated someplace on their body. Often, the amount of unwanted fat that exists is troublesome, but not to a point where the desire for liposuction has developed. Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you’re one of the millions of people who feels more than a little irritated by excess fat under your chin, or around your midsection. If you are, you have good reason to visit one of our Houston area offices to learn about CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting has quickly become a leading non-surgical method of fat-reduction. Here’s why . . .

  • Having received FDA-clearance for body sculpting, CoolSculpting presents itself as a treatment trusted by the experts.
  • The science behind cryolipolysis is strong, proving that cold temperature is a viable method of commanding fat cells to self-destruct.
  • Non-surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting achieves noticeable results without the need for special preparation, anesthesia, incisions, or down time. Talk about convenience!
  • Using special applicators, we can target fat cells in different parts of the body. The inclusion of the double-chin as a treatment area has been hugely advantageous for men and women who want a more sculpted jawline without surgery. Additional treatment areas include the thighs, love-handles, and stomach.
  • Natural results come from the natural deterioration of fat cells in the treatment area. As cryolipolysis occurs, the body’s lymphatic system gradually processes affected fat cells, leading to a slimmer, more streamlined physique.
  • The results that are achieved through CoolSculpting can last forever when a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

There are numerous benefits to non-surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting. Ultimately, the reward for gifting yourself or someone you love with this innovative cosmetic treatment is the significant boost in self-confidence that coincides with looking amazing. If there were any “one” specific reason to schedule your CoolSculpting treatment, the elevation of confidence might just be the winner.

We’d love to see you in our Houston, Sugar Land, or Cypress office to show you what CoolSculpting can do for you. Give us a call at 713-271-9000 to arrange a convenient consultation visit.

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