CoolSculpting: Let’s Get Our Facts Straight

CoolSculpting: Let’s Get Our Facts Straight | David Altamira, MDHistorically, we have believed that facts are facts and that it doesn’t get any simpler than that. In recent years, we have come to realize that facts, like truths, have many versions. This can be confusing and even frustrating when you’re trying to accomplish a goal. If one of your goals is to feel more comfortable in your skin, and you wish to do that by contouring your body, there are some fake facts you want to know about CoolSculpting®. Why? So you can leave them behind and move on toward your best self.

Why Choose CoolSculpiting

CoolSculpting is an advantageous non-surgical treatment that can help you love your curves.

. . . But it won’t replace diet and exercise. In fact, no such treatment exists. Diet and exercise are complementary to CoolSculpting because a healthy lifestyle inhibits fat accumulation. Eating well and staying active doesn’t have to mean denying yourself, it just means making smart choices that will support the results achieved through body-contouring.

. . .and you won’t see a significant drop in weight after CoolSculpting. That isn’t the goal of treatment. The purpose of CoolSculpting (and liposuction, for that matter) is to refine the curves of the body by eliminating fat in areas that it refuses to leave with diet and exercise alone.

. . . And your skin will not tighten from this treatment. CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells, so their contents turn to crystals. There is no constriction of collagen as a response to freezing. On that note, though, liposuction doesn’t tighten skin either.

. . . And you’ll need to be patient as you watch for results. CoolSculpting prompts a natural response in the body through which targeted fat cells are processed in the lymphatic system, leading to their elimination. This is not an overnight process by any means. Initial gains (or fat loss) may be noticed after a few weeks and will continue for up to 4 months as subsequent treatments are performed.

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Ultimately, CoolSculpting is an excellent option for many people, but not the perfect option for everyone. Let us help you choose your best path to a great body. Schedule a consultation with our Houston, Cypress, or Sugar Land office to learn more about CoolSculpting and other body-contouring procedures .

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