Post-Baby Pooch? Let’s Talk Options!

Post-Baby Pooch? Let’s Talk Options! | Mommy Makeover Houston TXMost women remember their pregnancy with fondness, even when mornings may have been spent in a constant state of nausea. Pregnancy is exciting and offers an ultimate reward. At the same time, pregnancy causes many women’s bodies to change to such a degree that they are left feeling more than a little dissatisfied. Too often, post-baby body characteristics like sagging skin and a tummy pooch cause women to feel self-conscious. Here, we want to touch on a few of the options women may consider attaining a shape they feel more “at home” in.


Liposuction is often perceived as the cornerstone of any Mommy Makeover. This highly popular fat-reducing surgery is performed thousands of times each year. The procedure involves administering local anesthetic or general anesthesia and extracting fat through a small, hollow tube. Liposuction can achieve excellent results in the right circumstances.


  • Removes more fat than non-surgical body contouring treatments.
  • Incisions are small.
  • Multiple treatment areas are possible, including stomach, thighs, buttocks and more.
  • Fat does not grow back after removal.


  • Liposuction does not tighten skin.
  • Minor scarring is likely at incision sites.
  • Patients may need to take a week off from work, and about one month off from exercise.
  • Surgical risks are rare but include infection and bleeding.


A non-surgical body-contouring treatment, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells. This causes crystallization inside of each cell that invites a natural response that metabolizes affected cells, permanently removing them.


  • No surgical risks with this non-invasive treatment, and no scarring.
  • No anesthesia is necessary, and no downtime.
  • Can treat the abdominal pooch as well as the thighs.
  • Up to 25% fat reduction within a 12-week period.


  • Results are not as dramatic as liposuction.
  • Best for patients very close to their desired weight.
  • CoolSculpting does not tighten skin.

After pregnancy and childbirth, there may be more going on that a stubborn little fat. What women often discover after months of trying to regain their shape, or after consultation with their trusted cosmetic surgeon, is that the muscle that lies beneath abdominal fat has stretched or separated. When the objective is to flatten the post-baby tummy, abdominoplasty may need to be considered as an adjunct to liposuction or CoolSculpting.

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