What to Expect from ThermiVa Treatment

Years ago, the very idea of vaginal rejuvenation was not something discussed around the water cooler. It was not something that was discussed much even in the medical community. Women’s bodies were going to age, there wasn’t anything to do about it. Oh, but there was! Any woman who has had children or experienced the inevitable hormonal shifts of perimenopause will tell you, these have a profound effect on her intimate body parts.

Now that we know the far-reaching effects of vaginal atrophy, science is discovering that we really can do something about it. In our Houston area offices, that something is ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation treatment. The FDA-approved radiofrequency device has been widely used since its development and, in most cases, achieves impressive results right out of the gate. Some of these results include:

  • Sexual improvements such as better vaginal lubrication and tightness.
  • Medical improvements such as a marked decrease in urinary incontinence.
  • Cosmetic improvements including the tightening of the external labia.

What Happens During a ThermiVa Treatment?

ThermiVa treatment is conducted in the office after a thorough consultation in which the patient’s questions are answered. We understand that apprehension may be natural for many patients. This is a very private part of the body, after all. Therefore, one of our top priorities is to set the patient at ease.

After applying a medical gown, the patient sits back comfortably. The device has a small probe with a disposable sheath. This probe is inserted into the vagina, where radiofrequency is delivered in a 360-degree pattern. The entire process takes less than half an hour.

Most of the information that is out there about ThermiVa says that no downtime is necessary to recover. This is true. However, patients should not be surprised to feel swelling and warmth in the external genitalia and the vaginal canal. This is not uncomfortable, but it can be noticeable. These side effects typically last only an hour or two. Additionally, there is a chance that some patients may feel mild cramping that is similar to menstrual cramps. These can last up to 24 hours and may coincide with light spotting. These are not complications, only indications of changes in the vaginal lining.

The side effects of ThermiVa treatment are not expected to interfere with normal activities. In most cases, patients can do whatever they please, even have sex, the day of their procedure. For best results, a series of three treatments is recommended.

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