Patient Testimonial

I would like to share my wonderful experience with any one that will listen, regarding Dr. Altamira. I suffered years of pain due to my over-sized breasts. I was afraid to have breast surgery because of the horrible stories that were being told to me by friends and co-worker. I decided to go out on faith and talk with my general doctor; she referred me to Dr. David Altamira. When I walked in his office I felt a sense of peace. I met with him and his staff and was so happy with his professional attitude and environment. They made you feel at home and answered all my questions.

I had my breast reduction on April 19, 2005, and was very pleased with the outcome. In fact, I was so happy I went back and had my moles removed from my face and neck. I would recommend Dr. Altamira, to any one that needs plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery. I have referred several members of my family, friends and co-workers to him, and they also have met with him and stated the same, “he really is a down to earth doctor, with a great attitude.