About: Dr. Altamira

At our plastic surgery practice in Houston, Texas, Dr. David Altamira is renowned for his attention to detail and patient care. Dr. Altamira offers patients an extensive range of the most advanced cosmetic techniques for enhancing the appearance of the face, breasts, body, and skin.

Posts by Dr. Altamira:

Cosmetic Procedures Houston, TX

Aesthetic Medicine and the Younger Generation

Cosmetic surgery procedures have often been considered somewhat of a rite of passage into the senior years. Early in the practice of aesthetic medicine, there was, in fact, a focus on facial and body rejuvenation. Even in light of enormous evolution, the perception of cosmetic surgery as something for “older folks” has persisted – until… Read More »

Facelift TX

Facelift Surgery: Nothing to See Here!

Cosmetic surgeons have been performing facelift procedures for decades. This rejuvenating surgery has been around for so long, that there is a widespread perception of what it is and what it does. The benefit to a longstanding procedure such as this is that there has been ample time for refinement. The downside is that there… Read More »

Get the chin your face needs

A small, underdeveloped chin is considered a common problem, but since it doesn’t cause physical problems, it often goes untreated. But that doesn’t mean you don’t notice it – and for important reasons you might not even realize. It’s the key to facial symmetry and a pleasing appearance The chin plays a major role in… Read More »


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