Breast Reduction

Breast reduction at our Texas practice offers significant relief to women with uncomfortably large breasts. For these women, emotional and physical discomfort is often an unfortunate reality. Medical complications, like neck and back pain, due to overwhelming breast weight bring many women to Dr. Altamira for help. For women who desire lighter, firmer, more proportionate, breasts, breast reduction is an excellent option.

During breast reduction surgery, incisions are made around the areola and vertically along the underside of the breast in order to access and remove excess fat, dense glandular breast tissue, and skin. Dr. Altamira is careful to keep each breast symmetrical, and in proper anatomical proportion. The incisions are then carefully sutured to minimize scarring. After breast reduction surgery, breasts typically take several weeks to heal. Medical problems associated with the weight of large breasts begin to alleviate immediately. For a better understanding of this procedure from a patient’s perspective, we invite you to read a plastic surgery testimonial from one of Dr. Altamira’s satisfied breast reduction patients.