Everyone wants to get rid of stubborn pockets of accumulated fat and would like to have their facial skin tightened. But many people are reticent to have a surgical facelift. Dr. Altamira offers an alternative, FaceTite™. 

What Is FaceTite™?

FaceTite is a minimally invasive procedure that tightens sagging skin and give you a beautiful, natural look without the use of surgery. FaceTite™ is an innovative procedure that basically combines liposuction with radiofrequency skin tightening on the face, jowls, and neck.

FaceTite™ Treatment Areas

These procedures can be used all across the face, jawline, jowls, and the entire neck. Thanks to the thin cannula, FaceTite™ can be used under the eyes and even on the brows.

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How Does FaceTite™ Work?

The FaceTite™ system uses a cannula with an internal electrode that is inserted through a tiny incision. Attached to the cannula, but resting atop the skin, is a metal wand that features an external electrode. This is the same patented radiofrequency-assisted liposuction technology that debuted with BodyTite™. The radiofrequency energy passes from the internal electrode to the external electrode, heating the fat and surrounding tissues without damaging those tissues. The liquefied fat is then suctioned away through the cannula. The RF energy that has heated the dermis layer of the skin causes the skin to contract and tighten, firming the area.

FaceTite™ Procedure

FaceTite Houston, TXThe procedure is performed with only local anesthesia to numb the areas where tiny incisions are created for the insertion of the cannula. The cannula itself is very thin, about the size of a knitting needle. The treatment areas are injected with a tumescent solution common to modern liposuction. The solution consists of saline, epinephrine, and Lidocaine. This numbs the area, makes the fat easier to remove, and constricts the blood vessels for less bleeding and subsequent bruising. Then the FaceTite™ handpiece cannula is inserted. On the tip of the cannula is an internal electrode that delivers the radiofrequency energy below the skin to liquefy the fat. Above the skin on the surface rests the other portion of the handpiece, a metal wand that serves as the external electrode. This is important because it gives the RF energy a pathway upward through the skin from the internal electrode to the external electrode. This provides the skin tightening typically to RF treatments.

While the thin cannula is delivering the RF energy below the skin to liquefy and then suction out unwanted fat, the RF energy is also pulsing upward through the skin. This is the dual benefit of FaceTite™.

See What Our Patients Have To Say!

I highly recommend board-certified Dr. David Altamira for your plastic surgery needs and wants. He listens attentively during the consult, recommends procedures to meet your needs, and provides a seamless on point surgery. I also recommend any post-op treatments offered by his staff for a quicker recovery time. All of his staff are efficient, professional, and friendly. – L.C.

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How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The duration of these treatments depends in part on what areas you are having treated. Most FaceTite™ procedures take an hour.

What Are The Results Of Facetite™ Laser Skin Tightening?

FaceTite™ delivers both instant results and results that continue to build. The instant results are due to the liposuction portion of the procedure, as fat is removed. Also, the RF energy causes an immediate remodeling of the collagen across the treatment area, which tightens the skin. This is fleeting, however. The real collagen results of firming, thickening skin come over the next three months as the body initiates new collagen and elastin production to “heal” the perceived wounds in the dermis.

What To Expect During Recovery

FaceTite™ is deemed to be a minimally invasive procedure. Most patients can usually return to work in a couple of days. There can be some slight bruising and swelling that can linger for a couple weeks. Pain is minimal but can be managed with ibuprofen. These treatments at Dr. Altamira’s are very easy to tolerate.

Does The Facetite™ Treatment Require Anesthesia?

We use local anesthesia at the tiny incision points where we insert the thin FaceTite™ cannula. That’s all that is required. Lidocaine is part of the injected tumescent solution and it acts as a local anesthetic when moving the cannula to suction out the liquefied fat.

Facetite™ Vs. Traditional Facelift

FaceTite™ combines the removal of unwanted pockets of fat, especially around the jowls, with RF skin tightening. These are similar results to what is done with a surgical facelift. Of course, it’s completely inaccurate to claim that your results will be the same as those that can be achieved with a surgical facelift. In a facelift, Dr. Altamira removes excess skin and adjusts the underlying musculature to return to its former, higher position, eliminating sagging.

You can think of FaceTite™ as delivering a mini version of a facelift. The increase in collagen that firms the skin, however, will eventually be surpassed by the continuing decline in collagen production that is a part of natural aging.

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