FaceTite Gives You a Lot to Smile About

FaceTite Houston TXAging isn’t just about the development of fine lines and wrinkles. What many of our patients complain about the most is the way that their lower face has become loose and saggy. This change is inevitable, caused by the deterioration of the collagen and elastin matrix that supports the skin. These two proteins break down due to sun exposure and biological decline, leaving us looking older and more tired than we really are. If you’re currently feeling the effects of aging, you may be wondering if the time has come for a facelift. You may be helped without surgery. In our Houston area offices, patients have the option of nonsurgical lower face tightening with FaceTite.

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite is a treatment module developed by InMode, a leader in radiofrequency technology for cosmetic improvement. What this device does is stimulate lipolysis, or fat destruction, using radiofrequency waves. In addition to dissolving unwanted fat cells, FaceTite also stimulates collagen remodeling that leads to tighter, firmer skin. By restructuring the foundation of the skin, FaceTite can effectively correct mild to moderate submental fullness (double chin) and sagging jowls in just one treatment. After this procedure, patients also notice that the crepey, loose skin on their neck progressively improves.

What It’s Like to Have FaceTite

Treating the lower face and neck with RFAL technology takes about an hour. The procedure is performed in the office using a local anesthetic. This sufficiently numbs the entire treatment area so patients feel nothing other than the slight pressure of the applicator probes above and below the skin. After the tissue is numbed, a tiny nick is made in the skin to accommodate the internal applicator probe. An external applicator arm sits parallel to the first. The device is activated to deliver radiofrequency from both arms, sandwiching thermal energy between them. This pattern of delivery is the key to the dramatic results achieved with FaceTite.

After treatment, a compression garment may be applied around the head to reduce swelling and bruising. The garment may be worn for a few days and then at night for a week or two. The rejuvenating effects of RFAL may be noticed right away and can be expected to improve for approximately 6 weeks before peaking.

Are you ready for facelift-like results without surgery? Call 713.271.9000 to schedule your FaceTite consultation in our Houston or Sugar Land office.

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