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A Cool Way to a Sculpted Chin

The development of so many sophisticated devices in recent years has changed the game of beauty in a major way. Today, our plastic surgery office is buzzing with activity because the non-surgical treatments that we offer are making beauty more accessible to more people. We couldn’t be more pleased to provide well-rounded care that addresses… Read More »

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How to Not Panic Next Summer

Are you one of those people who promise to begin a workout and diet regimen at the end of every holiday season, only to remember your commitment a few weeks before you want to wear your new bathing suit? You’re not alone. Millions of people panic just before the Summer season. Many of them do… Read More »

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Aesthetic Medicine and the Younger Generation

Cosmetic surgery procedures have often been considered somewhat of a rite of passage into the senior years. Early in the practice of aesthetic medicine, there was, in fact, a focus on facial and body rejuvenation. Even in light of enormous evolution, the perception of cosmetic surgery as something for “older folks” has persisted – until… Read More »