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How Can I Sleep after My Mommy Makeover?

If you are considering having plastic surgery like a Mommy Makeover, you may have various questions about your recovery. In many cases, it is the topic of discomfort and how to manage it that patients ask about the most. There is a minor aspect of the comfort issue that also needs to be discussed but… Read More »

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Is Botox or Blepharoplasty Right for Me?

With the massive changes in how we have been living these past couple of years, many people have learned something important about their appearance. That is that the eyes matter. We’ve always known this to some degree but, once we had to cover the lower face with a mask much of the time, we realized… Read More »

Tending to Emotional Health after Plastic Surgery

People who are considering a plastic surgery procedure often enter into their process expecting to feel quite different afterward. They picture themselves looking amazing and feeling happy, confident, and super satisfied with their decision. While the vast majority of patients do feel this way, it isn’t a given. Some patients struggle with unexpected feelings of… Read More »

Could You Benefit from Juvederm Voluma Treatment?

The cheeks are not often described as one of the first facial features one would notice. The eye tends to land first on the eyes or the mouth. Still, an attractive, youthful face is made of harmonious contours between all of its individual parts. When one part changes, the others may look different. As we… Read More »

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Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Losing weight is an enormous accomplishment and yet, for some people, their journey isn’t quite over once they reach their goal. When significant weight loss leaves you with loose, redundant skin, you’re still carrying around unnecessary weight. The excess skin can affect clothing options, physical comfort, and even more self-consciousness than some felt when heavy.… Read More »

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Think a Facelift Is Not Right for You? Think Again!

Facelift surgery has been popular for many years as new and improved techniques have been refined. In 2020, more than 200,000 people had a surgical facelift, bringing this procedure into the top five for the year. Even with a wide variety of nonsurgical treatments available today, the surgical facelift remains the gold standard. Hesitancy about… Read More »

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Is a Lift Enough for Your Best Breast Outcome?

Ideal body proportions are not a given. While nobody is completely perfect, nor must it be, some people seek treatment to improve the way the various areas of their bodies harmonize. It is gratifying to see the difference that can come from a single, well-planned procedure. Results from breast lift surgery provide a clear example… Read More »

Thigh Lift 101

Much attention is given to a few select plastic surgery procedures. Adults interested in body contouring typically have no trouble finding information about abdominoplasty, liposuction, and breast procedures. Today, we want to discuss a lesser-known but still valuable treatment to improve body shape, the thigh lift. This procedure gives shape to the lower body by… Read More »