Why Have Plastic Surgery Now?

This time of year has historically been one in which people start thinking about having plastic surgery. The autumn season comes after summer, a common time for travel. It falls right before the holidays, too, giving people a reason to consider how they want to look for impending social gatherings. The kids are back in… Read More »

Clearing Up Misconceptions about Eyelid Surgery

In recent years, facial rejuvenation procedures have become popular among a wide range of adults. One of the most commonly performed surgeries is called blepharoplasty. It is an outpatient procedure that can refresh the face with minimal downtime. The long-lasting results of eyelid rejuvenation surgery are so significant that some people never have other forms… Read More »

Facelift Recovery: What Not to Do

Undergoing a facelift is a big decision regardless of the extent of lifting that takes place. This surgical facial rejuvenation procedure improves the appearance of the lower face, cheeks, and jawline using precise tissue repositioning and hidden incisions. It offers significant benefits and lasting improvements that patients love. Because we know you want to get… Read More »

Choices in Facial Rejuvenation

Not long ago, a person interested in refreshing their appearance had limited options. Facial creams offer some benefit but cannot correct photoaging and tissue laxity by themselves. On the other end of the spectrum was facelift surgery, a technique that, until relatively recently, needed some refining. In the past decade, multiple options for facial rejuvenation… Read More »

Is There a Right Way to Choose Breast Implant Size?

Breast augmentation surgery has been one of the leading procedures in plastic surgery for decades. This hasn’t changed. What has changed are trends in breast implant size. Twenty years ago, women were choosing larger implants, sometimes implants that were obviously too large for their frames. Ten years ago, more women were choosing smaller sized implants.… Read More »