Is There a Right Way to Choose Breast Implant Size?

Breast augmentation surgery has been one of the leading procedures in plastic surgery for decades. This hasn’t changed. What has changed are trends in breast implant size. Twenty years ago, women were choosing larger implants, sometimes implants that were obviously too large for their frames. Ten years ago, more women were choosing smaller sized implants.… Read More »

Four Ways to Refresh the Eyes

Eye contact is an essential part of conveying our emotions and personality. When we’re not confident in our eyes, regardless of the reason, we may fall short of healthy eye contact. This can inhibit our we are perceived. On the other hand, some of the age-related changes that occur around the eyes make us look… Read More »

Is Scarring a Concern After Abdominoplasty?

Tummy tuck surgery provides people with the opportunity to once again love their midsection. As common as abdominoplasty is, many patients who seek this procedure have some degree of hesitation. Knowing what to expect through the process can pave the way to more ease than angst. Here, we discuss the topic of abdominoplasty scars, where… Read More »

Body Contouring is Not the End of the Road

Body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasty and liposuction are known for the results they achieve. When diet and exercise fail to bring out the best in the body, surgical treatments can. This is nothing new and it doesn’t mean a person has failed at mastering their own body fat. The fact is, fat is tricky.… Read More »