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What a Mommy Makeover Targets

As she becomes a mother, a woman is presented with years of joyful moments, along with a few frustrations – and we’re not talking about the Terrible Twos. Motherhood changes a woman’s life forever. Sometimes the physical effects of being Mom are noticed right away, and sometimes not for several years. Whenever this time comes,… Read More »

Post-Baby Pooch? Let’s Talk Options! | Mommy Makeover Houston TX

Post-Baby Pooch? Let’s Talk Options!

Most women remember their pregnancy with fondness, even when mornings may have been spent in a constant state of nausea. Pregnancy is exciting and offers an ultimate reward. At the same time, pregnancy causes many women’s bodies to change to such a degree that they are left feeling more than a little dissatisfied. Too often,… Read More »

The three most common questions about pregnancy and plastic surgery, answered

For many women, pregnancy, along with being one of the most memorable and meaningful experiences in their lives, can also be a watershed event that ends up motivating them to have plastic surgery procedures. There’s no doubt that pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, hormonal and all the other changes associated with these amazing nine months can do… Read More »