How Can I Sleep after My Mommy Makeover?

Woman sleeping in bedIf you are considering having plastic surgery like a Mommy Makeover, you may have various questions about your recovery. In many cases, it is the topic of discomfort and how to manage it that patients ask about the most. There is a minor aspect of the comfort issue that also needs to be discussed but may be overlooked. That aspect is sleep. Sleep is pivotal to all physical recovery. It is when the body releases chemicals that heal injuries and even wear and tear from just being alive. Here, we discuss some tips that can help you sleep as well as possible as you recover from your Mommy Makeover.

The vast majority of us sleep either on our sides or stomach. We may move between the two if we are somewhat restless sleepers. When surgery focuses on the midsection area or the breasts, these positions may be less comfortable than we’d hope. There is also a slight risk of disruption to sutures. Patients are advised to wear their compression garments while they sleep to protect their healing incisions. Additionally, comfort may be improved with a reclined sleeping position.

Sleeping Reclined

Most of us aren’t used to sleeping in a reclined position for very long. Even if you have a recliner, a full night’s sleep can be a challenge. But sleeping flat isn’t any better of an idea due to the tightness of the abdominal muscles after surgery. To make sleeping in a recliner a cozy option, you may place several soft pillows around your body and under your knees. You may want to place pillows around your head, as well, or use an airplane pillow to best support your neck. You can sleep reclined even if you don’t have a recliner. Doing so in the bed is possible with extra pillows or a special wedge-shaped pillow that positions you elevated from the low back to your head. Wedge pillows may be ideal due to the consistent slant that may not be possible with pillows alone. If you try to lie on your back in bed, place pillows under your knees, at your sides, and under your arms if comfortable.

Promoting Quality Sleep after Mommy Makeover Surgery

In addition to choosing a few options for sleeping positions, you can promote better sleep during your recovery by watching what you do when you’re not sleeping. Although we understand that patients feel sore and tired after surgery, we strongly encourage walking around the house at least a few times a day. Small periods of movement help the body find rest more easily. It is also beneficial to avoid all stimulating foods and beverages while recovering from surgery.

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