Factors that Influence Your Best Breast Augmentation Outcome

Blonde in underwear and a red jacket show black braDeciding to have breast augmentation may be an easy choice. Deciding which breast implants are ideal for your lifestyle may be a greater challenge than you imagine. Often, patients come into the office with an idea that they would love to be a certain cup size. That is a start, but it’s pretty basic. If you’re considering having breast augmentation, keep in mind that you will be living day in and day out with your choice of implants. For this reason, we think that it is beneficial to consider the various factors that may help you land on the perfect implant characteristics that suit your lifestyle.

Age and Activity Level

Older women may be just as active, if not more so, than some women half their age. When we discuss a patient’s age at the time of their breast augmentation, it is more so about her skin quality and breast tissue. Due to the abundance of collagen and elastin younger bodies have, younger patients may have more options for larger breast implants than older patients whose skin and tissue have thinned. In those instances, the shape and volume of the breasts can be perfected using smaller to medium-sized implants and a breast lift, which enhances the projection of the breasts from the chest wall.

Activity level is another impactful aspect of living with breast implants. Patients should consider how physically demanding their work is, how physically active they are, and what types of activities they like to engage in. The size and volume of breast implants may impact comfort levels and posture during various physical activities so should be selected with care.

Personal Style

One of the things that patients look forward to the most after their breast augmentation is loving the way they look in their preferred style of clothing. Some patients tell us they cannot wait to feel better wearing low-cut blouses. Some are excited at the prospect of having cleavage again, or for the first time in their lives. Whatever improvements a patient is most looking forward to, it is important to also consider the emotional side of this part of living with breast implants. Patients who are more subdued and like to live under the radar may be happier with moderately-sized implants rather than larger breasts.

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