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How to Prepare for Your Facelift Surgery?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that rejuvenates the appearance of the face by tightening and repositioning the skin and underlying tissues. As with any surgical procedure, proper preparation is crucial for a successful outcome and a smooth recovery. From addressing medical concerns to making practical arrangements, learning how to prepare for facelift… Read More »

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Life After a Facelift

Embarking on the journey of a facelift is a significant step towards enhancing your self-confidence and appearance. Understanding the recovery process is crucial for a smooth transition to your refreshed look. It’s normal to notice swelling, bruising, and some discomfort in the early stages—these are temporary signs that your body is healing. To support your recovery, prioritize… Read More »

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Facelift Recovery Tips You Want to Know

Facelift surgery has been on more people’s radar this past year than in previous years. The boom has been so significant that researchers looked into the various reasons more people sought some form of facial rejuvenation. For the most part, this increase was attributed to the shift toward more virtual interactions. More people worked online.… Read More »

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Think a Facelift Is Not Right for You? Think Again!

Facelift surgery has been popular for many years as new and improved techniques have been refined. In 2020, more than 200,000 people had a surgical facelift, bringing this procedure into the top five for the year. Even with a wide variety of nonsurgical treatments available today, the surgical facelift remains the gold standard. Hesitancy about… Read More »

Here’s Why You’re Not Too Young for a Facelift

Historically, people have envisioned the day they need a facelift as the day they can no longer tolerate the signs of facial aging that have occurred. There has been this invisible line that indicates the “right time.” It typically appears sometime around one’s mid-fifties, though patients in their mid-sixties or even older have sought facelift… Read More »

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Facelift Recovery: What Not to Do

Undergoing a facelift is a big decision regardless of the extent of lifting that takes place. This surgical facial rejuvenation procedure improves the appearance of the lower face, cheeks, and jawline using precise tissue repositioning and hidden incisions. It offers significant benefits and lasting improvements that patients love. Because we know you want to get… Read More »

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Let’s Talk Brow Lift

A sagging or heavy brow can significantly alter your appearance. While tissue naturally changes over time due to the biology of aging, the effect of a drooping brow may cause you to feel deeply dissatisfied with your appearance. If changes to the upper part of your face have made you appear perpetually tired, angry, or… Read More »

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What a Facelift Can and Cannot Do

Facelift surgery continues to be an outstanding approach to correcting the signs of aging. Because many people come to a point at which they begin to consider the value of a surgical facelift over the temporary results of injectables, lasers, and light treatments, it is important that we discuss what this anti-aging technique can and… Read More »