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Tending to Emotional Health after Plastic Surgery

People who are considering a plastic surgery procedure often enter into their process expecting to feel quite different afterward. They picture themselves looking amazing and feeling happy, confident, and super satisfied with their decision. While the vast majority of patients do feel this way, it isn’t a given. Some patients struggle with unexpected feelings of… Read More »

Why Have Plastic Surgery Now?

This time of year has historically been one in which people start thinking about having plastic surgery. The autumn season comes after summer, a common time for travel. It falls right before the holidays, too, giving people a reason to consider how they want to look for impending social gatherings. The kids are back in… Read More »

Do You Know What You Really Want? | Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Houston TX

Do You Know What You Really Want?

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, one of the biggest challenges that patients face is understanding what they want. Of course, if you’re considering consulting with Dr. Altamira in our Houston or Sugar Land office, you have an idea of what you’d like to achieve. The question that may arise at some point is how… Read More »

Cosmetic Procedures Houston, TX

Aesthetic Medicine and the Younger Generation

Cosmetic surgery procedures have often been considered somewhat of a rite of passage into the senior years. Early in the practice of aesthetic medicine, there was, in fact, a focus on facial and body rejuvenation. Even in light of enormous evolution, the perception of cosmetic surgery as something for “older folks” has persisted – until… Read More »

You, only better — with plastic surgery

You can surgically enhance your appearance and still look like you. Cosmetic plastic surgery can help you look younger, thinner and improved. From surgical to non-surgical procedures, our patients can tell you what they seek out most often. See if any of these treatments sound right for you: Breast augmentation– enlarging or balancing breast size… Read More »

Five cosmetic plastic surgeries that are totally worth it, according to Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomers have certainly contributed to the popularity and growth of many styles and trends, one of which is the extreme increase in cosmetic plastic surgery. Even with many in that age group (52-70) approaching their “golden years” or already in them, they’re still pursuing vigorous activities to help them feel younger longer. Baby… Read More »