Ideas About Plastic Surgery to Dump Immediately

Are you finding that you inadvertently (or very purposely) raise your eyebrows more often these days? Do you catch yourself pulling your pants up around a droopy, saggy belly? These are just two examples of what people do when they realize they might like to improve something about their appearance. In 2019, just under 2 million plastic surgery procedures were performed. Some of the most common surgeries include breast augmentation, liposuction, and eyelid surgery. You may have a sense that one of these procedures or another type of plastic surgery would provide you with many benefits. On the flip side of those benefits, you may have a few bits of rhetoric that aren’t serving you at all. Here, we put them to bed.

Plastic surgery is taking the easy way out.

This is a myth that many people have about plastic surgery without really understanding why. It often stems from messages that were common in the early days of cosmetic procedures. Not long ago, plastic surgery was something you did without telling anyone. Thought it’s very common to talk about having plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures, like Botox, today, your early messages about such procedures may be driving the voice in your head. Plastic surgery is not an easy out; it is a complement to a healthy lifestyle and an excellent way to manage the signs of aging.

I should just be happy with my body.

It is the mantra of most therapists and life coaches that we must stop “should-ing” ourselves. In this instance of believing one should love their body, we do agree. However, we don’t believe that one should love their body just as it is all the time. Most people who have plastic surgery do so not to fix something “wrong” about themselves but to elevate their sense of confidence and happiness with their appearance. Women, in particular, tend to feel guilty about investing in plastic surgery. However, they have few if any reservations about painting their home. The two are pretty much the same, except that one seems to serve only the individual. What we have seen time and time again is that, when a person addresses cosmetic concerns, the value that they get is spread throughout their lives via a positive attitude, greater presence, and higher self-esteem.

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