Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty)

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What Is an Arm Lift?

Some areas of our bodies can stand up to the effects of aging better than others. The upper arms aren’t one of those areas. The constant pull of gravity and weakening muscles and support tissue can give you upper arms that are loose and actually swing back and forth with movement. Colloquially known as “bat wings,” this phenomenon can make a person avoid wearing sleeveless fashions or even swimsuits.

Dr. Altamira can return contour to your upper arms with an arm lift. An arm lift, clinically known as Brachioplasty, reshapes your arms to a more toned, slimmer profile.

Arm Lift Surgery Benefits

Loose upper arms can be the result of aging, or from the gain and subsequent loss of a good deal of weight. If the loose skin on the underside of your upper arms moves freely when you shift your arm, an arm lift could be a good procedure for you. An arm lift removes the loose skin and accumulated fat and returns tone and contour to your upper arms. But an arm lift is not intended to be for weight loss, so patients need to be near their ideal weight. Plus, the procedure creates a lengthy scar, so that should be taken into account.

Arm Lift Procedure

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Due to the length of the upper arms, an arm lift creates a lengthy incision. Dr. Altamira usually makes an incision that runs on the underside of the upper arm, running from the underarm to the elbow. Through this incision, he is able to remove excess fat pockets with liposuction. He then repositions and tightens the underlying muscle tissue, and trims away excess skin.

If a patient doesn’t have extensive sagging skin, sometimes a minimal incision arm lift technique can be used. In this technique, Dr. Altamira makes a few small incisions near the underarm, in lieu of one long incision on each arm. This method, while creating much less scarring, doesn’t allow the same degree of overall tightening.

Arm Lift Surgery Recovery

Recovery from arm lift surgery is not difficult. You’ll return home with bandages and possibly drainage tubes on your incisions. You’ll be given compression garments for both arms to minimize swelling and help your arms adapt to their new contour. There will be swelling, due to the tissue repositioning, but it should be gone in around two weeks. Within one to two weeks you can return to work, but special care has to be taken to avoid much lifting and strenuous activity with your arms.

When Will I See Results From My Brachioplasty Procedure?

You will see immediate improvement with your arm lift, but you will only become more pleased with your results as residual swelling passes. Your scars will fade faster than you think, and most patients are highly satisfied with their arm lift.

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“You are all a great team. I was happy with the work done and the way you all treated me. Great team work at Dr. Altamira’s office. They are all so very kind. I give them five stars.” – M.I.

“I highly recommend board-certified Dr. David Altamira for your plastic surgery needs and wants. He listens attentively during the consult, recommends procedures to meet your needs, and provides a seamless on point surgery. I also recommend any post-op treatments offered by his staff for a quicker recovery time. All of his staff are efficient, professional, and friendly.” -L.C.

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