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Which Type of Breast Implant Is Right for You?

After you’ve made the decision that breast augmentation is right for you, another decision awaits: which type of implant should you get? Questions To Consider You may not have even realized that you have a choice when it comes to types of implants, but you do! When deciding on an implant, you’ll want to consider a few… Read More »

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Choosing the Right Size for Your Breast Augmentation

It can be frustrating if you feel like your breasts have always been too small, but you do have options. Perhaps you have finally decided to schedule that breast augmentation procedure? You no doubt have a lot of questions to ask your doctor, and at the top of the list may be: how do you choose what… Read More »

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Should you get a breast lift or a breast augmentation?

Have you always been unhappy with the size of your breasts? Has pregnancy left your breasts less perky than they used to be? Are you considering plastic surgery to change your breasts? Once you start looking into your options, you will notice that there are two different procedures: breast lifts and breast augmentation. So what is… Read More »

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Breast Enhancement: Always in Style

Fads come and go in just about every industry. Plastic surgery is no exception. While people who seek plastic surgery may be somewhat influenced by social norms of the time, there are certain aspects of aesthetic medicine that remain consistent. Breast enhancement is an example. Procedures that are performed to improve the shape and size… Read More »

What to Expect After Combined Breast Surgery

Breast surgeries are commonly performed harmoniously, one with another to achieve the best possible results. Two procedures that are often combined are breast augmentation and breast lift. One enlarges the breasts and gives them more shape. The other restores some of the perkiness that has been lost. Together, combined breast surgeries can give new youthfulness… Read More »

Is There a Right Way to Choose Breast Implant Size?

Breast augmentation surgery has been one of the leading procedures in plastic surgery for decades. This hasn’t changed. What has changed are trends in breast implant size. Twenty years ago, women were choosing larger implants, sometimes implants that were obviously too large for their frames. Ten years ago, more women were choosing smaller sized implants.… Read More »