Breast Augmentation Myths

beautiful girl shows her gorgeous Breasts.If you are considering a breast augmentation procedure, you’ve probably been doing a lot of research before you make any final decisions. But with that research, you may only have more questions, especially because of stories on the internet that may not necessarily be accurate. Here are some common myths (and truths) about breast augmentation.

Have You Heard These Myths About Implants?

Deciding whether or not to have a breast augmentation is a big decision, and you should learn all you can about the procedure and how to care for yourself before and after. Here are some common myths:

  • Implants look fake. You may think (or have heard) that implants are easy to spot and that everyone will be able to tell you have them. However, with the right doctor using the right techniques, you’ll have breasts that look not only beautiful but natural. To reassure yourself, during your consultation, ask your plastic surgeon to see before and after photos of previous patients.
  • Breast implants aren’t safe. This is probably the most widespread myth about implants and the scariest one as well. However, you should know that hundreds of thousands of women get breast implants every year. Ask your doctor for more information on the safety of implants – but if it still concerns you, ask about fat transfer breast augmentation. In this procedure, implants aren’t used; the patient’s own fat is taken from another area of their body to augment the breasts.
  • Recovery from breast augmentation is long and painful. You will need some time to recover, and you will have some discomfort – after all, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure. However, most patients say the recovery period isn’t that painful, and prescription pain killers aren’t even necessary; over-the-counter pain medication is enough to manage any soreness.
  • Implants don’t last very long. Actually, implants are very durable and are made to last. Some implants can last for decades without any problem.

All of your questions have probably not been addressed in this one blog post, but that’s what Dr. David Altamira and his staff are for! Call the office in Sugarland or Houston at (713) 271-9000 for an appointment today!

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