If You’ve Got an Hour, We’ve Got a Treatment for You!

Cosmetic Procedures Houston, TXBecause most of us have so many tasks that we need to accomplish on a daily basis, the mere idea of undergoing a beauty treatment may feel overwhelming. If you have found yourself fretting over changes in your appearance, you may believe that you do not have the time to invest into cosmetic enhancement. We’re going to shed some light on this falsehood and hope that doing so will encourage you to understand just how close you are to looking and feeling your best.

Beauty Treatments That Are Great For You

Dr. Altamira is a reputable cosmetic surgeon with offices in Houston and Sugar Land. However, a large percentage of the treatments performed in our offices are non-surgical. Without anesthesia and incisions, many non-surgical procedures also let patients return immediately to normal daily activities. In thirty minutes to an hour, it is possible to notice a beautiful new you! Here’s how . . .

  • Wrinkle-reduction with injectable solutions. Botox has long been referred to as a lunchtime treatment. This wrinkle-reducing product, as well as dermal fillers, requires only a few minor injections into problem areas. Most patients experience only mild redness where injections are administered. Minor swelling could also occur, as well as bruising. Any side effects that seem noticeable can be covered with makeup, and usually diminish within an hour or two.
  • Skin was reviving with a glycolic chemical peel. One of the advantageous aspects of chemical peel treatments is that patients have a fair amount of control over the process. Lighter peels may leave the skin looking pink, like a sunburn, for a few hours. This minor redness usually does not inhibit a work day or other activities. If sun damage and wrinkles are more pronounced, a deeper peel may be more appropriate. For this, one will want to schedule at least a few days off.
  • Vaginal rejuvenation with EmpowerRF. This treatment platform uses radio frequency and electrical muscle stimulation designed to improve vaginal lubrication, tightness, as well as other vaginal concerns without the need for downtime.

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We are proud to offer surgical and non-surgical treatment options to meet our patients’ needs. To learn more about our office and menu of services, contact us at 713.271.9000.

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