Do You Know What You Really Want?

Do You Know What You Really Want? | Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Houston TXWhen it comes to cosmetic treatments, one of the biggest challenges that patients face is understanding what they want. Of course, if you’re considering consulting with Dr. Altamira in our Houston or Sugar Land office, you have an idea of what you’d like to achieve. The question that may arise at some point is how to get to where you want to be. Here, we want to sift through a few of the commonly misunderstood procedures to help you gain insight into what’s possible for you.

Liposuction or Abdominoplasty

Often, a woman who is unhappy with the appearance of her midsection is in search of information regarding liposuction. What most plastic surgeons notice is that liposuction as a solitary procedure is only relevant in a specific scenario. If you are considering liposuction for your midsection, and you have had children, prepare to hear that your abdominal muscles have also stretched out quite a bit. You may already know this, but what you don’t know until you consult with your plastic surgeon is how your midsection will look without a little tightening to go along with that fat reduction.

A good rule of thumb for liposuction of the midsection is that it is appropriate for individuals who have increased fat only, and possible a minimal amount of skin laxity.

Breast Lift and Augmentation

When there is a concern related to the overall shape of the breasts, there is also an inclination to assume breast augmentation is the answer; that, or, that breast lift is the answer. Sometimes, the key to gorgeous results lies in each. Plastic surgery isn’t always an either/or proposition. If we were to insert an implant beneath tissue and muscle that has become excessively loose, the breast would still ultimately sit too low on the chest wall to look younger and perkier.

A good rule of thumb here is to observe the position of your nipple as it relates to the crease beneath the breasts. If the nipple sits at or below the crease, a lift may be in order.

Facelift or Neck Lift

Facial aging is something that we address earlier these days thanks to the myriad of non-surgical treatments that are available to us. Rather than wait for the volume of the cheeks to fall and the volume of the jawline to increase, many people are taking proactive steps to preserve youthful contours. At some point, however, the aging process does take over, and the skin along the jawline and neck areas loses resiliency. It is at this point when people visit their plastic surgeon in seek of a neck lift. It may seem surprising when a facelift if suggested instead, or in addition to, the perceived “right” procedure. It shouldn’t.

What needs to happen to correct neck bands and crepey skin on the neck is indeed a neck lift. However, if jowls are also a problem, it is necessary to lift and restore volume at the cheek area, which could be achieved with a facelift.

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