Why Have Plastic Surgery Now?

This time of year has historically been one in which people start thinking about having plastic surgery. The autumn season comes after summer, a common time for travel. It falls right before the holidays, too, giving people a reason to consider how they want to look for impending social gatherings. The kids are back in school in the fall, and there is often a pause in social engagement. This year, we can say none of those things.

2020 has brought us more time indoors and with those closest to us. It has brought us into a new model of work, with many people engaging with colleagues and clients via video conferencing rather than in real life. School for the kids? Not in many cities around the country! You might think that this situation would have put a damper on the season of plastic surgery, but you’d be wrong. Once elective procedures were cleared for performance, plastic surgery resumed full-steam-ahead. In fact, many surgeons report having conducted far more facelifts and other facial procedures this summer than ever before! Here, we discuss why now, even amid COVID-19, may be an excellent time to schedule that plastic surgery procedure you’ve been wanting.

Plastic Surgery Recovery is Key

When people consider having plastic surgery, one of their biggest questions is what they might expect after their procedure. To have surgery of any kind means you’ll need to recover. Typically, the bulk of recovery, as far as downtime is concerned, is limited to the first two weeks after a procedure. Normally, patients need two weeks off work. This is because they may be groggy from prescription medication, sore from their procedure, bruised, swollen, and generally tired. The name of the game is to slow down and stay in. Sound familiar?

Starting in the springtime, we began hearing that we should stay in whenever possible. It is for this reason that so many people began working from home. With most of the country virtually shut down, there is a prime opportunity to reap the many benefits of plastic surgery.

  • Facial plastic surgery recovery may be made a bit easier thanks to facemasks. Some of the side effects of procedures like a facelift are well hidden behind a mask. No one would know you have some bruising and swelling as you progress toward your final results from your procedure.
  • Working from home may mean that you need less time off work after plastic surgery. Make no mistake, though, you’ll still want a few days to do nothing but rest. However, without the drive to the office and long hours once you get there, you may be back into your normal work-from-home routine after about one week instead of two. Just make sure you’re done taking prescription pain medication before you hop on a video conference with your colleagues!

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