Prepare for Plastic Surgery with These Recovery Essentials

Plastic Surgery RecoveryPlastic surgery is an exciting concept and can be even through the recovery process. However, for this to happen, it helps to be fully prepared well ahead of time. With proper planning, the recovery process after surgery can be relatively easy, minus the inherent discomfort that exists. Here, we discuss how you can improve your chances of sailing through your recovery with just a few essentials.



Getting sufficient support after plastic surgery may be the best advice anyone ever follows. The problem is it is the most difficult piece of advice to accept. Most American adults have a hard time slowing down. We’ve developed the hustle mindset that equates productivity to self-worth. After surgery, healing is the order of business. Healing in itself is productivity, but that requires you to do very little for at least a few days. Heed this advice: Arrange for someone else to cook, clean, do laundry, walk the dog, feed the pets, and do all the day-to-day tasks you would normally do for at least the first week of your recovery. Then, work on your resistance to this by reminding yourself that it is only temporary.

Dress for Comfort

This past year has been a doozy. It was one that robbed us of the novelty of working in our PJs. As 2020 dragged on, many of us came to truly miss dressing up now and then. As you plan plastic surgery, think again of comfort rather than style. If you are having an abdominal procedure or breast procedure, especially, you will benefit from clothing that is easy to put on and take off. 

Over-the-Counter Remedies

Plastic surgery recovery involves at least a few days of prescription pain medication. Many people know that narcotic pain medication could make them constipated. The most common tip for managing this side effect, or avoiding it, has been to take a stool softener. The very idea of this could add stress to some people’s lives. There are alternatives. When the prescription pain medication is started, you can also add a fiber drink into your daily routine, or about 500 mg of magnesium citrate, a mineral that has been shown to help prevent constipation.

Ice Packs

Surgical incisions are naturally inflamed for a short time as they heal. The incision may look red and puffy and may feel sore and tender. Studies have shown that the body cannot feel pain and cold at the same time. This is the basis of the benefits of icing a sore area. Plan ahead for plastic surgery recovery by placing a bag of frozen peas or a few ice packs in the freezer in the days before your procedure.

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