Tummy Tuck Surgery: Let’s Discuss Motivation!

Humans make dozens of decisions every single day. Some are subconscious and some we spend a lot of time considering all of the advantages and disadvantages that may result from a given choice. Having a tummy tuck is a very personal decision that most people contemplate for months before making a call to a plastic surgeon. When consulting with patients, a plastic surgeon discusses a variety of details, including motivations. Here, we cover some of the healthiest reasons to have a tummy tuck.

Why Have a Tummy Tuck?

You want your body to look as good as it used to.

The body changes over time and for a variety of reasons. Tummy tuck surgery is often sought by people who have been pregnant or who have lost a significant amount of weight. Both of these life experiences can stretch the skin and abdominal muscle to a point of laxity. In this situation, it is difficult to restore full tightness and contouring with diet and exercise alone. A tummy tuck can restore your shape to what it once was, or even better.

You want to feel more confident.

When you have an image of yourself that stems from a place of love and self-worth but your body doesn’t reflect that image, you are likely to feel less confident than you’d like. A tummy tuck cannot create a sense of self-confidence where it does not already exist. No plastic surgery can do this. However, according to studies, people who have a good self-image before surgery report feeling even better in their own skin after their selected procedure.

You want to enhance our diet and exercise gains.

It feels great to see progress stemming from lifestyle habits. Sometimes, though, there are limitations to what diet and exercise can do. For the person who is committed to healthy choices they have integrated into their lives, a tummy tuck is not a solution so much as a complement to what is already in practice.

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