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A sagging or heavy brow can significantly alter your appearance. While tissue naturally changes over time due to the biology of aging, the effect of a drooping brow may cause you to feel deeply dissatisfied with your appearance. If changes to the upper part of your face have made you appear perpetually tired, angry, or sad, you may be considering options such as a facelift. In reality, what may benefit you the most is a brow lift or forehead lift. Here, we discuss a few of the important details you should know about this popular surgical procedure.

A brow lift will recreate your natural beauty.

The idea of a brow lift may cause you to take pause. Will a lifted brow make you look surprised or unnatural? How high will your surgeon raise your brows and at what angle? These are tiny details but they are significant and they are points to discuss with your surgeon to ensure you obtain the results you desire. Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Altamira performs forehead lift procedures utilizing the natural curvature of the bony structure beneath the brow as a guide. The technique that he uses doesn’t just lift the brows, it may also address muscle contraction between the brows that causes a permanent frown if need be. After a brow lift, you will look like you, only younger.

A brow lift can do what injectables cannot.

In recent years, a number of non-surgical solutions for facial aging have been developed. A drooping brow, in particular, can be temporarily lifted with injections of Botox or another neuromodulator. In cases of early facial aging and atrophy, the non-surgical approach may achieve the desired level of rejuvenation. However, there are some people for whom neuromodulators are not appropriate. There are others for whom injectable solutions are not ideal due to the temporary nature of improvement. By removing excess fat and tissue and releasing muscle contraction as needed, Dr. Altamira restores a youthful facial aesthetic that lasts years.

A board-certified plastic surgeon should conduct your brow lift.

The brow lift procedure is straightforward but does alter the structure of the upper face. The results of a brow lift cannot be hidden. Therefore, it is crucial that you take your time finding a qualified plastic surgeon to conduct your surgery.

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