The Contour ThreadLift™ Can Restore Shape to Your Face

Restore Shape to Your Face | David Altamira MDFace shape is not something we think much about when we are young. All we typically know is that we generally like the way we look. Sometime around age 40, many people begin to notice subtle changes to their face. These changes are usually perceived to be skin-deep. They’re not. What happens as we age is that the decline in collagen, elastin, and other vital nutrients depletes the muscle and fatty tissue of structure. The V-Shape that the face once had gradually inverts.

Facial aging can be unpleasant, to say the least. Even the early signs of inversion present challenges. The time may not yet have arrived for a facelift. Perhaps a facelift is out of the question for personal or financial reasons. Each situation is different, which is why we are pleased to have innovative techniques at our disposal. The Contour ThreadLift is one of them.

Thread Lift techniques have existed for several years. Compared to early models, the Contour ThreadLift is vastly improved. The threads used today are made of the same safe materials that have been used in surgical procedures for years, but the filaments now feature tiny cones that facilitate a true lifting effect. The cones on surgical filaments inserted at different levels of tissue not only hold the structure in a lifted position, but they also stimulate natural regeneration for longer lasting results.

Threads affect superficial tissue in three ways:

  • Immediate lift by mechanically securing tissue in a higher position
  • Skin tightening by causing fatty tissue and existing collagen to contract
  • Cellular regeneration by stimulating neovascularization and collagen proliferation that continues for the months that threads are present in the body.

The Lasting Effects of a Contour ThreadLift

The filament that is inserted into the dermis stays in place for 3 to 6 months, possibly more. Every person’s body absorbs threads at a unique rate. During this time, the body is responding to the threads by producing more collagen and forming new blood vessels to “heal” the treated area. The contraction of fatty tissue around the filament can have a slimming effect on the face.

Who is a Candidate for the Contour ThreadLift?

If you are concerned about cosmetic issues such as drooping brows, flattening cheekbones, and jowls, you may be an excellent candidate for the non-surgical thread lift. This technique is appropriate for the early signs of aging as well as the subtle signs of aging after a surgical facelift.

Look and feel your best without surgery. Learn more about the thread lift technique in consultation in our Houston or Sugar Land office. Call 713.271.9000.

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