The Various Ways that Juvéderm Can Refresh Your Face

Dermal Fillers Houston TX | JuvedermEvery year, millions of people turn to dermal fillers to reduce certain signs of aging. Every year, even more potential patients consider what dermal filler treatment could do for them. If you can see the marked difference in your appearance now versus ten years ago, you may think that lines and wrinkles are the problem. In most cases, the underlying issue is volume loss. Dermal fillers are an excellent solution to this and the secondary issues that stem from the atrophy of fatty tissue in the face, and Juvéderm is a popular treatment choice.

What is Juvéderm®?

Most people have heard the term “dermal fillers.” Beyond that, the most common dermal filler ingredient is even gaining recognition. Perhaps you’ve heard of hyaluronic acid, but aren’t quite sure what it is. Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is a natural carbohydrate that is made in the body. Its role in physiology is to bind to water molecules. Hyaluronic acid is essential for holding water molecules in the eyes, the joints, and the skin. With age, though, the production of this acid slows. Juvéderm is a line of products that restore adequate amounts of hyaluronic acid to the skin to reduce the signs of aging.

That’s the simple description of what Juvéderm is. More specifically, Juvéderm has multiple products, each of which offers unique benefits.

  • Juvéderm® XC is a volume-enhancer that is commonly used around the nose and mouth. This product has a smooth but relatively dense consistency that holds tissue well even under normal physical circumstances including smiling and speaking. If your concern is the parentheses that have formed at the outer corners of your mouth, Juvéderm® XC may be the ideal filler for you.
  • Juvéderm® Voluma XC is currently the densest of all products in this line. The primary problem for which Voluma is used is mid-face volume loss. If your cheeks have lost their height and roundness, Juvéderm® Voluma XC may be an excellent treatment option.
  • Juvéderm®Ultra XC is a softer dermal filler that inserts small particles of hyaluronic acid into delicate lines such as those around the mouth. Historically, Juvéderm®Ultra XC has been the filler of choice to enhance naturally-thin or deflated lips.
  • Juvéderm®Volbella XC is one of the more recently developed products, formulated with ultra-fine particles and a soft, smooth consistency that fills out the lips and reduces vertical lip lines.
  • Juvéderm®Vollure XC is also a newer hyaluronic acid product. This filler has been produced to achieve a specific density that holds up well beneath deep creases around the nose and mouth. Vollure may be used to diminish nasolabial folds as well as marionette lines.

All of the Juvéderm products are made in a way that offers lasting results. To learn more about which product or products may be perfect for you, call 713.271.9000. We’d be happy to schedule your visit to our Houston or Sugar Land office.

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