The three most common questions about pregnancy and plastic surgery, answered

Mommy MakeoverFor many women, pregnancy, along with being one of the most memorable and meaningful experiences in their lives, can also be a watershed event that ends up motivating them to have plastic surgery procedures.

There’s no doubt that pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, hormonal and all the other changes associated with these amazing nine months can do a number on your skin and your body, giving birth to the popularity of the “Mommy Make-over.”

But other women have concerns because they’ve already undergone plastic surgery treatments, years before they’ve had their babies, which can lead to a different type of worry, often related to breast implants.

If you have questions about any procedures, before or after pregnancy, make a consultation appointment today: 713.271.9000. You may want to discuss one or more of the three most common questions we get from prospective patients who have concerns related to pregnancy:

1.) Will being pregnant affect my breast implants?

Even with the changes that occur during and after pregnancy, the form and integrity of your breast implants shouldn’t be affected. However, some women can develop excess skin, breast drooping or other changes as a result of volume fluctuation that can prevent the breasts from returning to their pre-pregnancy appearance. If this happens, you may wish to undergo a post-pregnancy/breastfeeding procedure that can help restore your breasts to their former, more youthful appearance, such as a breast lift.

2.) Will I be able to breastfeed if I have implants?

Women who are capable of producing breast milk and nursing prior to augmentation surgery should still be able to breast feed after the procedure. And certain techniques can be used during implant surgery to help ensure this outcome. In addition, in the rare case of a leak or rupture, the saline or silicone gel solution inside implants should have no negative effect on milk production glands and/or surrounding breast tissue.

3.) Does it make sense to have a tummy tuck before I have kids?

Having previously had abdominoplasty isn’t likely to cause any health issues during pregnancy or delivery, but you might achieve longer-lasting results if you undergo this procedure after you’re finished having babies.

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