Quit fighting those lines, and we don’t mean wrinkles

Laser hair removal Irritation, red rash, bumps, ingrown hairs… If this sounds like a description of your skin after a summer of shaving your bikini line, it’s time to start planning for a different outcome next year. It’s time to take charge of the line.

The bikini line is challenging
Most of us learn it the hard way, struggling to maintain a clean, attractive bikini (or underwear) line. We shave, we pluck, we wax and then we get real. The only way to effectively eliminate unwanted body hair, often permanently, is with laser treatments. But many of us don’t have the information we really need to pursue the smooth skin of our dreams through laser hair removal, so here are some things to know to get you started:

Laser hair removal takes time
Professional laser hair removal treatments can leave you virtually hair-free, but it doesn’t happen immediately. Most people need five to eight treatments. One of the reasons for several treatments is that the laser can only target those hairs that are in the growing phase, which is only a portion of the total you will want to destroy. However, you can notice significant improvement after your first few treatments.

No cheating between laser treatments
Some patients return to waxing, plucking and shaving in between their laser hair removal treatments – because they’re still noticing the hairs that are growing in or haven’t gone away completely after a couple of sessions. But you shouldn’t remove this hair with waxing or plucking because the laser destroys the hair follicle by targeting the pigment in the hair. If the hair has been removed at the root level, the laser simply won’t work. So you have to be patient between session: no waxing, plucking or even bleaching. However, you can shave or trim the hair, which will still allow it to be targeted and zapped by the laser at your next treatment.

Laser hair removal can be an option for people with darker skin
There are now safe and effective lasers available specifically designed for those with deeper complexions. Ask us about it.

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