What a Mommy Makeover Targets

Mommy Makeover Houston TXAs she becomes a mother, a woman is presented with years of joyful moments, along with a few frustrations – and we’re not talking about the Terrible Twos. Motherhood changes a woman’s life forever. Sometimes the physical effects of being Mom are noticed right away, and sometimes not for several years. Whenever this time comes, though, it can feel like a doozy of an emotional roller-coaster. It doesn’t have to. Mommy Makeover procedures have helped thousands of women remember that their body is their own unique vessel. It can help you, too.

A Mommy Makeover isn’t a cookie-cutter boobs-and-tummy procedure. Every patient of ours receives personalized care that addresses her concerns. In general, a Mommy Makeover is developed to target three common concerns related to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Abdominal laxity. Pregnancy primarily affects the abdomen, seeing as this is Home to at least one growing fetus for several months. Initially, the transformation of a flat tummy to one that depicts the bun-in-the-oven can be exciting. Rarely does an expectant mom worry that her skin and muscle tissue won’t retract after childbirth. If and when this doesn’t happen spontaneously over time, the Mommy Makeover can correct lingering laxity by reconnecting separated muscles and removing excess skin.
  • Excess fat. Women naturally tend to store fatty tissue. Pregnancy only exacerbates this, but it doesn’t dictate where on the body fat is stored. Fat storage during pregnancy may not entirely diminish after childbirth, leaving Mom with the frustration of feeling like she has to work out harder and longer and deprive herself of delicious foods if she stands a chance at getting her best body back. Mommy Makeover treatment plans often involve liposuction to address this issue.
  • Breast deflation. We stated that pregnancy primarily affects the abdomen, but this may not be the case for every woman. In many cases, it is the breasts that undergo the most significant transformation. During pregnancy, the breasts swell in response to weight gain. Later in pregnancy, they swell more to prepare for breastfeeding. After childbirth, milk ducts expand and stretch breast tissue. Once breastfeeding has ceased, weight has stabilized, and hormones have regulated, breast tissue diminishes back to “normal;” except it is a new norm that may occur, one in which the breasts are saggy and deflated. Mommy Makeover treatment restores volume and height, but not always with breast implants.

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