More guys going under the knife (and the needle)

The number of men having plastic surgery procedures increased over 50 percent between 2011- 2015, that according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). In fact, about one-quarter to almost one-half of those seeking appearance enhancements these days are guys. Men say they worry about: The face, eyes, and hair For those men… Read More »

You, only better — with plastic surgery

You can surgically enhance your appearance and still look like you. Cosmetic plastic surgery can help you look younger, thinner and improved. From surgical to non-surgical procedures, our patients can tell you what they seek out most often. See if any of these treatments sound right for you: Breast augmentation– enlarging or balancing breast size… Read More »

Are your hands aging you?

Most of us concentrate our anti-aging efforts on the face. But there are two other parts of the body that can play a huge role in aging us, and we often ignore them completely: our hands. The skin on the hands is similar to the skin underneath the eyes The skin on the hands is… Read More »

All About That Bass

If you’re old enough, you may remember the days when thin, a.k.a. borderline anorexic, was in on the covers of all the beauty magazines. Shapeless, emaciated models were all the rage, leaving the normal women of the world wondering how they could ever keep up with that ideal…and eat something more than a rice cake… Read More »