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Breast Implants: Factors to Consider in a Second Implant Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery has maintained a steady level of popularity over the past few decades. As technology has continually advanced, the process of making and installing breast implants has improved significantly. What hasn’t changed, however, is the general lifespan of the average implant. When you choose to undergo an initial breast augmentation, regardless of implant… Read More »

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Let’s Talk Brow Lift

A sagging or heavy brow can significantly alter your appearance. While tissue naturally changes over time due to the biology of aging, the effect of a drooping brow may cause you to feel deeply dissatisfied with your appearance. If changes to the upper part of your face have made you appear perpetually tired, angry, or… Read More »

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How Ultherapy Achieves Such Gorgeous Results

Modern technology has brought significant change to the field of medicine. In our Houston area offices, many patients are now able to postpone the idea of facial rejuvenation surgery thanks to innovative science. While there is a bit of magic to injectable treatments, there are also significant benefits to be gained with certain energy treatments.… Read More »

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What a Facelift Can and Cannot Do

Facelift surgery continues to be an outstanding approach to correcting the signs of aging. Because many people come to a point at which they begin to consider the value of a surgical facelift over the temporary results of injectables, lasers, and light treatments, it is important that we discuss what this anti-aging technique can and… Read More »