Body Contouring After Weight Loss

"close up of fit waist couple as weight loss and fitness concept, isolated on blue sky background"Losing weight is an enormous accomplishment and yet, for some people, their journey isn’t quite over once they reach their goal. When significant weight loss leaves you with loose, redundant skin, you’re still carrying around unnecessary weight. The excess skin can affect clothing options, physical comfort, and even more self-consciousness than some felt when heavy. If you can relate with these problems, you may be a great candidate for body contouring surgery. Dr. Altamira is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering outstanding care in Sugar Land and Houston. In our office, you can take one more step toward your best self. 

Post Weight Loss Body Contouring Options

Any procedure that is designed to sculpt the body may be suitable for the person who has lost a lot of weight. It isn’t necessary for every person to undergo a full body lift a la Extreme Makeover status. Some of the procedures that we discuss with patients based on how they present after weight loss include liposuction, abdominoplasty, arm lift surgery, thigh lift, breast lift, and BodyTite.

Who is a Good Candidate for Body Contouring after Weight Loss?

The purpose of body contouring after weight loss is usually to address the issue of loose, sagging skin. Good candidates have maintained their stable weight for several months, have healthy habits in place, and are in good general health. Patients mustn’t smoke and should have sufficient support that will ease the recovery from multiple procedures done at one time. 

In terms of weight, there is no specific amount of weight a person must lose to be a good candidate for surgical body contouring. The most important factor is reaching the weight that you want to maintain before you schedule procedures. None of the lift procedures a plastic surgeon performs will further weight loss. Their purpose is solely to shape the body into its ideal proportions. Because contouring surgeries address laxity in superficial tissues and, sometimes, in muscle tissue, patients should not have surgery if they still plan on losing 20 or more pounds. 

Body contouring after weight loss is the next big step in restoring full confidence and body satisfaction. To learn more about our procedures, contact us at 713.271.9000.

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