Is a Breast Lift Your Key to Looking Younger?

Sexy blond woman wear beige lingerieWhen we hear about the signs of aging, the conversation is usually limited to the ways the face changes over time. We get wrinkles. We get jowls. Our eyelids may get heavy and droopy. But there is more. For the average woman, sagging breasts are a telltale sign of aging, and a frustrating one at that. Here, we discuss how a breast lift may be one of the keys to female anti-aging.

Why Do Breasts Sag with Age?

It is generally understood that a woman’s breasts change as a result of weight fluctuations and, primarily, by pregnancy and breastfeeding. There may even be an expectation of sagging and softening as a result of these factors. However, even women who do not have children or never breastfed and who have maintained a pretty stable weight can experience breast ptosis. The reason this happens is the very same reason that we all get wrinkles and jowls and heavy eyelids. It comes down to the firmness and elasticity of the skin. As we age, the body’s production and rebuilding of collagen nearly stop. What is produced is not nearly sufficient enough to keep the skin firm and resilient. In the breast area, the skin must, even in a weakened state, withstand the force of gravity. As you look in the mirror at your breasts, you may realize that this is no match. While it may be normal for the breasts to drop into flattened pieces of tissue, it certainly isn’t pleasant.

Restoring a Youthful Appearance with a Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery can be immensely gratifying. This procedure transforms the shape and appearance of the breasts without having to insert breast implants to achieve an excellent outcome (although the two can be combined). The way that the breast lift sculpts a new shape from existing breast tissue is by trimming the skin around the breast mound. Tissue trimming reduces the envelope in which the breast mound sits. As a result of the smaller envelope of tissue, the breast mound sits higher on the chest wall. While the majority of fullness continues to sit at the lower pole of the breasts, sagging is corrected and the nipple points forward, restoring a perky appearance.

Could You Benefit from a Breast Lift

The aging process is tricky. It occurs over so many years that we often miss the signs. Fortunately, there is no timeline for the breast lift procedure. If you woke up today and finally took note of your droopy, sad-looking breasts, you are in a great place to consider breast lift surgery. The way that many people identify their need for a lift is by looking at their nipples. If the nipples point down rather than forward, there is a fair amount of breast sag. If the breasts look long or tubular, a breast lift may reshape them back to firm, round mounds. Another way of knowing you could benefit from a breast lift is to observe where your nipples sit in relation to the crease below your breasts. This is usually easy to assess just by looking in the mirror. However, if you want a clearer measurement, you might place a pencil or other long object horizontally in the breast crease. This will enable you to clearly see where the breast crease starts and where your nipple sits in relation to that point.

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Ultimately, if you are unhappy with the shape and position of deflated breasts, you may be a great candidate for breast lift surgery. To learn more, schedule a consultation at our Houston or Sugar Land office. We can be reached at 713.271.9000.

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