4 Rules for Post-Liposuction Recovery

liposuction recoveryBody contouring procedures have never been more effective and painless than they are today. One of the most widely sought-after body contouring procedures available is the beloved liposuction, which serves to remove fat from the body, in turn, making the areas look tighter and more contoured. And, as with any cosmetic surgery—though this one is minimally invasive—there will be some liposuction recovery time required once all is said and done.

So, as you’re considering the procedure or already working through your liposuction recovery, be sure to keep the following four rules in mind to ensure that the process is as simple and stress-free as possible.

Take It Easy

The most important rule after any form of surgery is to take it easy and give your body the well-deserved rest it needs to get you back to feeling perfectly normal. This means avoiding your usual exercise routine and other high-energy activities, as well as keeping your day-to-day movement and stress to a minimum until you feel fully recovered. The more you are able to rest, the faster your body will be able to heal through the liposuction recovery process.

Eat Healthy

Getting adequate rest—though immensely important—is only half of the equation. You’ll also want to ensure that you eat healthily and choose options that will offer your body the best nutrients for your recovery. A healthy mix of high-protein meals and vitamin-heavy foods is sure to do the trick, whereas junk foods, alcohol, and tobacco will only serve to slow your liposuction recovery. Plus, maintaining the same, healthy weight will ensure that the liposuction lasts you a long time.

Follow Dr. Altamira’s Advice

During the consultations leading up to and directly after your liposuction procedure, Dr. Altamira will ensure that you have all the information that you need to coast through your liposuction recovery as smoothly and painlessly as possible. This information will include some of what is mentioned above and much more, often including specific after-care instructions and personalized restrictions.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Finally, it’s always important to ask questions. The more information you have before you go into your liposuction procedure and subsequent recovery time, the better off you’ll likely be! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Altamira at 713-271-9000. With convenient locations in Houston and Sugar Land, TX, your liposuction recovery could be more convenient than you ever imagined.

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