Liposuction Questions Answered

With Surgical Lines on her Body Before Beauty Operation.As one of the leading plastic surgery procedures year after year, liposuction is also one of the most familiar to people. Familiarity can be detrimental, though, because people can get the wrong ideas about the treatment. Here, we answer some of the common questions that patients ask during their liposuction consultation.

Does liposuction hurt?

In the early days, surgeons performed liposuction using a cannula and mechanical motion to loosen and extract fat cells. Today, we have numerous technologies and techniques that make the process much more efficient with less force. Dr. Altamira incorporates the tumescent technique into liposuction procedures. Not only does this enhance the comfort of the patient during the procedure, but it primes fat cells for extraction and blood vessels for reduced bleeding. Liposuction also includes the use of laser technology, which has a melting effect on fat cells so they can be removed with minimal force. In addition to local anesthetic, patients may receive a light sedative to further improve their experience.

Will the fat come back in other places?

Patients interested in fat reduction and body contouring via liposuction may feel excited on one hand and uncertain on the other. It sounds too good to be true, that we permanently remove fat from a target area like the buttocks, thighs, or abdomen. Fat must come back at some point, right? No. Fat does not grow back. Liposuction can be a one-time procedure after which the target area remains slimmer than it would otherwise. That said, patients must remain mindful about their diet and lifestyle habits after having liposuction. Throwing caution to the wind in the area of health and wellness could result in weight gain.

Do I have to be under general anesthesia during liposuction?

No. The vast majority of liposuction cases can be performed in the office or in an outpatient surgery center with the use of a local anesthetic technique and sedation. Patients are awake and relatively alert during their surgery, even if they do receive a sedative. This technique is widely used by board-certified plastic surgeons all around the world. Without the use of general anesthesia, surgical risks are minimal and patients can go home sooner after their procedure.

Does Liposuction tighten the skin?

No. Liposuction is purely a body contouring procedure that works through fat removal. However, some techniques, like SmartLipo, incorporate laser technology that melts and removes fat and also heats the dermis. The dermis is the layer of skin in which collagen and elastin are made. The heating of this layer can stimulate some degree of collagen remodeling and, as a result, achieve mild to moderate skin tightening for some patients. Dr. Altamira is careful in his evaluation of each patient’s skin so he can make the best recommendation regarding skin tightening, if needed.

When can I return to work after liposuction?

The liposuction procedure doesn’t require the patient to stay in the hospital. Patients are usually released to go home within an hour or two of their procedure. That said, they may feel more like resting and sleeping throughout the remainder of the day following their procedure. Patients often want to know if they can go back to work the day after their liposuction procedure. Generally, we advise patients to take one or two days off, provided that liposuction is the only procedure they’ve had done. Patients should also plan to take a week off from their regular workouts after having liposuction.

Liposuction inquiries tend to increase around this time of year as we set out to look and feel our best for the new year we’re in. To schedule your liposuction consultation in our Houston or Sugar Land office, contact us at  713.271.9000.

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