Why BodyTite is a Great Post-Holiday Treatment

There is a lot of planning that goes into the holiday season. Even if you’re not the one hosting that big shindig, you may be attending it. In fact, you may be attending more dinner parties, lunch dates, happy hours than you had anticipated. This is often the case. It is also one of the biggest reasons why research tells us that people tend to gain about 5 pounds between November and January. Five pounds is no laughing matter. It can be enough to ruin the smooth waistline you’ve enjoyed all year. This throws yet another aspect of planning into the mix, weight management.

We’re sure you’ve read all the tips on how to maintain weight during a bustling season of festivities. The usual tips can at least minimize how much weight is gained, which cuts down on how much weight you’ll then aim to lose in the new year. Need a refresher?

  • Don’t wait for the party to eat. This creates a strong chance of overeating. Plus, not eating all day does a number on your blood sugar. Eat as normal, and enjoy a little bit of everything that looks good on the holiday table.
  • Sleep well. Many people cut into their sleep time to stay up on their to-do list. Studies indicate that most people need a full 7 ½ hours of sleep a night to fully recharge. And by recharge, we mean at a cellular and hormonal level (hello, hunger hormones!)

There are many more easy tips for weight-watching over the holidays, but these are the most meaningful we’ve found. And then again, we also know that a lot of folks simply want to enjoy their season to the fullest. The rest can be sorted out later. And we have a suggestion for that, too!

BodyTite Treatment to the Rescue

The BodyTite procedure has become one of the leading treatments in plastic surgery practices because it meets two objectives, usually in just one session. The radiofrequency assisted liposuction technique is minimally invasive. It’s not even considered surgery and does not involve general anesthesia. Being minimally invasive, there is virtually no downtime after treatment, nor any major side effects or risks.

Treatment typically takes only about an hour, after which patients are advised to wear a compression garment for two weeks. This garment easily fits beneath clothing. Before the procedure, tissue is numbed with local anesthetics. During the procedure, a small handpiece is used to deliver radiofrequency energy both above and beneath the skin. This liquefies fat that is then suctioned through a cannula. What’s more, BodyTite provides approximately 40% more skin-tightening than we achieve with conventional liposuction.

While you don’t want to go overboard, you also don’t want to worry about every little thing you put on your plate this next month. Know that Dr. Altamira has a proven solution to restore your body contours. To learn more about BodyTite, call 713.271.9000.

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