Breast Augmentation: What You Should Expect

Breast Augmentation | David Altamira, MD | Houston, TXOne of the most prominent aspects of cosmetic surgery that keeps patients on the sidelines is not knowing what to expect during their makeover process. The idea of recovery can seem daunting to anyone. Here, we discuss the details of what may occur after breast augmentation, taking the mystery – and the stress – out of recovery.


The insertion of breast implants into a pocket of tissue, or even on top of muscle tissue, almost always causes the breasts to feel firm and hard after surgery. The reason for this firmness is that tissue around the implants becomes inflamed and swollen for a short time. As swelling subsides over several weeks, the breast tissue will soften and feel suppler.

Swelling after breast augmentation can be managed by wearing the post-surgical compression bra that is worn home after surgery. At some point, you can switch to a sports bra; just ask your doctor first.


At first, it may look and feel as though augmented breasts were also given a lift. Doctors often refer to this side effect as “riding high.” The elevated appearance of the breasts after implants are placed is related to swelling. The swollen, firm tissue around implants holds tissue more upright and projected. As tissue softens, breast implants will settle into their pocket in the appropriate position on the chest wall.


Is square a new breast implant shape? No. It’s just that the swelling around breast implants may make the breasts appear more squared off than round and soft. This is a temporary phenomenon and does not indicate that anything has gone wrong with your surgery. Truthfully, it can take all of six months to fully realize the final shape of breasts after augmentation surgery.


Most patients expect to feel sore and tender for some time after breast augmentation surgery. It is beneficial to anticipate tenderness to potentially localize around the nipples at some point. As long as there are no signs of infection, such as redness, discharge, and intense pain, tenderness is a typical side effect of surgery. Most patients can manage comfort using over-the-counter pain medication.

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