Does Breast Augmentation Change Depending on Age?

Breast augmentation is a leading cosmetic procedure among women of all ages. In general, the procedure itself is similar regardless of the patient’s age. This is not how age influences this surgery. The effect that age has on breast enhancement is the initial motivation of the patient and the benefits or challenges that may occur.

Procedures like breast augmentation can help younger women achieve the shape they did not naturally develop. This can allow the woman to wear clothing that suits her and to feel ultimately confident in her body. Older women often seek breast augmentation to address changes to their natural breast shape, which they had been satisfied with before weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Like the younger patient, an older patient who has breast augmentation can tailor her clothing to her body. Many women who enhance their breasts state that they feel more like themselves and more in touch with their bodies.

Breast Enhancement in Your 20s

Women in their twenties are usually very healthy and vital. This enables them to bounce back from surgery relatively quickly. The condition of the skin and tissue also help achieve the best outcomes, due to natural retraction and collagen production to heal scars. A challenge that a younger patient may face is confirming that she wants to enhance her breasts for personal reasons. Young women are inundated with ideas of what it means to be beautiful, which can affect their decision to have plastic surgery. The objective is to achieve personal beauty goals that feel empowering to the individual.

Breast Enhancement in Your 30s

Most women in their thirties are in good health and, as long as they don’t smoke, are good candidates for breast augmentation. At this age, tissue retraction should still be good and there is a high likelihood that, due to more life experience and maturity, the patient will be extremely happy with her results. Also at this age, however, it may be challenging for a woman to carve time out for her surgery and her recovery.

Breast Enhancement in Your 40s

During her forties, a woman may be done having children and usually has an established professional and personal life. This affords her the time and money to invest in her cosmetic goals. At this age, women often seek breast augmentation to correct the changes that have occurred due to biological changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight loss. To fully address cosmetic concerns, breast augmentation may be combined with a breast lift.

Breast Enhancement at Age 50 and Beyond

Healthy women can enjoy the benefits of breast enhancement well into mid-life and beyond. The factors that affect older women are general health and skin condition. A combination breast augmentation and lift can address tissue laxity as well as deflation. At this age, women are often ready to turn their attention to their needs after spending many years attending to the needs of others. With good post-care, older women can recover from breast enhancement very well.

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