Is There a Right Way to Choose Breast Implant Size?

Breast augmentation surgery has been one of the leading procedures in plastic surgery for decades. This hasn’t changed. What has changed are trends in breast implant size. Twenty years ago, women were choosing larger implants, sometimes implants that were obviously too large for their frames. Ten years ago, more women were choosing smaller sized implants. Some of the women who had initially chosen very large implants downsized to achieve a more proportionate shape. Today, we’re seeing the trend change once again, with more women deciding to go larger. Here, we discuss why that may be and how to ensure you’re choosing a breast implant size that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Why Women Are Choosing Larger Breast Implants

There are several factors that contribute to breast implant choice. These include:

  • Input from friends. Women who seek breast augmentation often consult with friends who have undergone this procedure or know someone who has. The consensus, frequently, is that women who have had breast augmentation say they would like larger breasts once they become used to their new shape. This is not to say that input from friends is right or wrong, only that it can influence a woman’s decision.
  • Fashion trends. When women commonly see models and celebrities with larger breasts wearing clothing that they themselves find appealing, the choice to go bigger may be easy. What is important to remember here is that fashion trends change, as do trends in body-type. Women are encouraged to consider how their personal style may change over time as they make decisions about breast implants.
  • We are in the age of empowerment, and this can be a good thing. Where women 20 years ago may have consulted only with their surgeon about implant size, today’s patients work with sizers. Alternatively, some women observe their new shape using computer animation. In either situation, patients are empowered by seeing how they will look and knowing they can get what they want before they go into the operating room.

How Big is Too Big?

Some surgeons limit the size of implants they use across the board. This may be unfair and arbitrary, as a “standard size” may be too large for some and too small for others. The beauty of plastic surgery is that we can tailor treatment to create natural-looking results for each person. Points to consider to avoid going too large include:

  • Potential physical limitations. Breasts that are too large for one’s frame can get in the way of physical activities and can cause neck and shoulder pain.
  • Many women achieve beautiful results with augmentation that represents a full C or D bra cup. Sizes larger than this may look unnatural and less attractive because the breasts may then be out of proportion with the rest of the body.

Just as it is possible to go too big and too far with breast augmentation, there is also an excellent opportunity to go just right. Dr. Altamira is an experienced plastic surgeon who helps patients discover their ideal breast size. To schedule your consultation for breast augmentation in our Sugar Land or Houston office, call 713.271.9000.

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