Owning Your Beauty with Custom Breast Treatment

Sugar Land, TXEspecially in the area of cosmetic surgery, there is a strong message that one must be happy with herself before surgery if she expects to be satisfied after any given procedure. When we are self-confident, our attractiveness factor increases substantially. While you may be generally content with who you are and how you look, your overall level of confidence may be affected in some way by the shape and size of your breasts. Refining the breasts can enhance the broader proportions of your body and, along with that, your sense of attractiveness. In our Houston area offices, breast procedures are customized to meet each woman’s expectations. Enhancement may be achieved with:

Breast Lift

We tend to assume that breast augmentation is somewhat of a cure-all for concerns related to size and shape, including sagging breast tissue. In fact, breast lift surgery is incredibly valuable for women whose breasts have changed as a result of weight fluctuations, aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or all of the above. Some women who are good candidates for breast lift surgery have always had naturally low-lying breasts. Lifting tissue to an appropriate height on the chest wall can make a significant difference in appearance without the addition of volume.

Breast Reduction

Not all desired breast changes have to do with a need for more volume. Women who have naturally developed excessive amounts of breast tissue can suffer greatly. Bra straps, no matter how full and comfortable they are made to be, may dig into shoulder tissue. The weight of breasts pulls on the shoulders and back of the neck, leading to chronic pain. And do we even need to mention that many women find the unwanted attention their breasts get embarrassing? Breast reduction surgery is an excellent way to improve proportions and symmetry, as well as physical and emotional comfort.

Breast Augmentation

Yes, breast augmentation happens to remain one of the leading cosmetic procedures. Perhaps one of the reasons this is so is because implants and techniques have evolved with the trends. Breast augmentation is more about adding suitable contours than outlandish size. Many of the women who see us for breast implants today request such subtle enhancement that no one can tell they’ve had work done. That is, no one but them and those closest to them.

Your beauty is yours to own. If cosmetic treatments can assist you in revealing your most beautiful self, we can help. Call 713-271-9000 to schedule your visit to our Sugar Land or Houston office.

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