Smooth Sailing: 4 Tips to a Speedy Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation SurgeryIf you have decided to get breast augmentation surgery but are feeling a little bit ambivalent about the surgical process because of the recovery, here are a few things that will help ensure you have a smooth and speedy recovery without any crazy hiccups along the way.

1.No Reaching
Even if you are at home the day after or a few days after surgery and just need that box of cookies on the top shelf— think again. Remember that the stitches placed around the incision site are susceptible to things like reaching for at least a few days after surgery. So, instead of trying to reach for the stars— or the cookies in this case— opt for getting a stepping stool or have a loved one give you a hand.

2. No Heavy Lifting
Even if you just ordered a huge box of brand new clothes for you to show off your new breasts in, think again before lifting it from your doorstep. Heavy lifting can not only cause unnecessary strain on your breast but it can also help to open any stitches that are in the process of healing. Instead, ask a loved one or neighbor for help when you need something moved immediately. Or if it can wait, give it a rest and wait to move it for a few weeks.

3. No Exercise
Even though you may be anxious to head back to the gym right after surgery, you should wait for at least a few days or until your doctor gives you permission to do so. Just like with reaching and heavy lifting, exercise can cause a severe amount of strain on both the incision site and your breast tissue as well— leaving you with the susceptibility of getting an infection.

4. No Regular Bras
Even if you’re excited to show off your new assets in a regular bra, think again. Remember that your doctor prescribed you with a compression bra for a reason. By holding your implants and breast muscles in place, a compression bra will help you to heal properly and ensure that the incision site stays intact.

By following these 4 no-no’s of breast augmentation surgery, you can help ensure that your recovery is smooth sailing.

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