Facelift Surgery Isn’t About Age

Facelift | David Altamira, MD | Houston TXAge and aging go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean that rejuvenating procedures like facelift surgery are about age. We meet many people who are motivated to look younger. They are interested in knowing what a facelift could do for them. At the same time, these very same people may ask if they are too young to be thinking of having a facelift. If you have begun to feel frustrated at the way that aging is changing your face, and you want your appearance to reflect the youthfulness you feel inside, there is no reason to shy away from exploring all of your treatment options, including facelift surgery.

A Continual Process that Starts Early

The biological processes that keep us looking young start to shift when we are in our twenties. By the time we are in our thirties, we may start to see the effects of what has been happening beneath the surface. For instance, the decrease in collagen production coupled with degradation caused by sun exposure that began a decade before may, sometime after age thirty, show up in the form of lines around the eyes and mouth. As aging continues, this initial process seems to occur faster with every passing year.

As age forty, forty-five, fifty, and beyond pass, lines and wrinkles are joined by jowls, flattened cheeks or hollows beneath the eyes and cheeks. These concerns occur because the natural fat pads that exist beneath the skin lose volume. As these pads deflate, so does the face.

The face changes long before the time many people assume they may need facial rejuvenation. According to statistics, 50 is the average age at which men and women are seeking facelift surgery.

Signs of the Times

When is it time for a facelift? Only you can answer that question. In our Sugar Land and Houston offices, patients can explore a number of non-surgical treatment options to support optimal aging. These include Botox, dermal fillers, and Ultherapy. Facelift surgery, as well, is a customized procedure that only corrects what is absolutely necessary. A thoughtful approach is taken to surgical facial rejuvenation because our objective is to recreate youth without disrupting the natural curves and arcs of the face.

It may be time to explore facelift surgery if you are troubled by:

  • Sagging jowls at the jawline
  • Sagging skin beneath the chin and on the neck
  • Volume loss across the cheeks
  • Hanging fat below the cheeks and around the mouth
  • Sunken cheeks

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