Could You Be Doing Skincare Wrong?

Taking care of the skin is something that many people learn early in life. The education we get about how to cleanse and care for the skin is basic, if that. We know we should wash our face and we usually hear at some point that we should wear sunscreen. If this is the extent of your education about skin care, you may be doing it all wrong. Here, we discuss how to do skin care right so, as you age, your skin can stay as resilient, smooth, and clear as possible.

The first thing that most people think of when planning how to care for their skin is the products they might use. Product choice is often influenced by marketing. Seeing a product often in magazines or on television is not an indication of efficacy; it is evidence of good marketing. The primary problem with mass-produced skincare products is that they must be formulated to suit everyone. What each person needs, though, is a collection of products that are formulated to meet their unique needs. This is why medical-grade cleansers, serums, and moisturizers are ideal.

In addition to choosing relatively inactive skincare products, the mistake that most people make when it comes to taking care of their skin is that they do not prepare for maximum efficacy. How can you do that? By scheduling periodic professional treatments like microdermabrasion or chemical peels. These comfortable procedures are vital to healthy, resilient skin because they remove the debris that clogs the surface, including dead skin, oil, dirt, and bacteria. By removing nonvital substances, we maximize the efficiency of medical-grade skincare to achieve noticeable results. In addition to chemical peels and microdermabrasion, our staff performs FotoFacial treatments to correct sun damage.

Skin care is not all about products and preparation. To truly nourish the skin, we must also remember to hydrate, remove makeup before bed, wash pillowcases weekly, and eat nutrient-rich foods for a healthy supply of antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins that help build the skin’s foundation.

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