Men have joined the CPC (cosmetic procedure club)

Plastic Surgery for MenMost women aren’t big fans of deeply etched forehead lines. And more frequently, seems men aren’t, either. They’re not following in their father’s footsteps any longer when it comes to ignoring signs of aging or acting as if they don’t notice them.

Acceptance is out; seeking a solution is in

It’s been awhile since the New York Times reported on the hot new trend of Botox use among appearance-conscious men, and christened it, “Brotox.” But men are also more open to the idea of filler, Kybella (to help melt the double chin), liposuction and even peck and calf implants.

A new phenomenon

These days, men seem to have become aware of the pressure to look good, even as they age. Many are taking better care of themselves, watching their weight and hitting the gym, as well as making periodic visits to their plastic surgeon.

Don’t let the “dad bod” fool you

Another new manly phrase that’s been coined, in addition to “brotox,” is the “dad bod,” used to describe the softer, chubbier physique that many men take on sometime around the age that they have a family. But this pop culture recognition doesn’t really align with recent statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Dads want to look good

The ASAPS reports that more than 1.2 million men received cosmetic procedures last year. And the total number of men having procedures has gone up over 60 percent in the last five years. Some of the preferred treatments for men are Botox and filler injections and liposuction, plus:

  • Procedures with little to no downtime
  • Wrinkle reduction around the eyes
  • Deep line reduction for the forehead
  • Treatment for saggy jowls and chins
  • Liposuction to reduce love handles and chest fat

Men feel the pressure on the job and in life

Anti-aging procedures are seen as a worthwhile investment when it comes to maintaining a more youthful appearance in the job market. But a more youthful appearance for any reason has simply become more acceptable and desirable to men. Are you ready to take back some of your youth? Call today: 713.271.9000.

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