Is Ultherapy What Your Skin is Begging For?

Ultherapy Treatment Houston TXIt isn’t too much to want to look your best. Most of us put a fair amount of effort into grooming and general physical upkeep. The effects of aging can make this more difficult. If you are noticing a significant loss of structure in your face, including the appearance of jowls and softening of your jawline, you may be wondering what you can do to correct these concerns now before they get worse. We may have an ideal solution for you: Ultherapy.

Historically, facial atrophy and laxity have been corrected with facelift surgery. Not anymore. We’ve got so many ways to rejuvenate the face that many people never think about a surgical lift. Wherever you stand on this spectrum of cosmetic interest, we are here to help you. Ultherapy is an outstanding “in-between” treatment that can achieve more than radiofrequency and other conservative treatments and not quite as much as a facelift. Here, we discuss what makes Ultherapy so special.

The Power of Ultrasound for Great Skin

Ultherapy is aptly named for its innovative use of ultrasound energy. Typically, we recognize ultrasound as a way to observe internal body parts. This applies to the cosmetic treatment conducted in our Houston area offices, too. At the beginning of the skin-tightening process, diagnostic ultrasound is used to locate the precise area where the energy delivered will be most effective. The device has multiple transducers, which enables us to deposit ultrasound waves to depths of 1.5, 3, or 4.5 mm. During a single treatment, each of these three layers may be treated to achieve the best results.

It is the depth of treatment that makes Ultherapy so effective. The tissues at 4.5 mm are what make up the skin’s foundation. These SMAS tissues are where surgeons focus during facelift procedures.

Ultherapy or Facelift?

The signs of aging are inevitably going to appear on every one of our faces. There is no reason to wait for skin to become so loose and saggy that surgery is the only answer. Ultherapy is ideal for that in-between time when the skin needs a gentle boost to regain a more youthful appearance.

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