Here’s What Breast Augmentation Plus a Lift can Correct

Breast liftFor many years, women have turned to breast augmentation as a way to fill out the breasts. This procedure has become so common that it gives the perception of being able to handle concerns it may not be meant for. Knowing that a woman’s breast shape is as important to size when it comes to supporting her identity and self-esteem, a skilled plastic surgeon will often discuss the benefits of a breast lift alongside breast augmentation. Here, we discuss why.

#1. Breasts Sag

Breast shape is not only a matter of volume, but it is also a matter of projection and height. Life experiences like weight changes, hormones, pregnancy, and breastfeeding all affect both volume and shape. Furthermore, with age comes the depletion of collagen and elastin in the skin. What holds breast tissue in place? An envelope of skin. When the skin loses firmness and elasticity, this envelope thins. Breast tissue, which is naturally heavy, then droops lower on the chest wall. When sagging occurs, the breasts may look narrower and even tubular.

Correct Sagging with a Breast Lift

The breast lift procedure is intended to restructure the pocket of skin and connective tissue that houses glandular and fatty breasts. To achieve this, the surgeon makes specific incisions that allow superficial tissue to be repositioned and trimmed to hold the breasts higher on the chest wall. As a result, breasts look perkier.

#2 – Breasts Deflate

Breast size is a matter of volume, how much breast tissue there is. Volume may change along with weight or sometimes just because of the aging process. While a lift can bring breasts into a perkier, younger position, it is breast augmentation that is needed when a size increase is desired.

Bigger and Bolder

Breast augmentation is an excellent procedure for patients who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. This procedure inserts a particular size of breast implants selected by the patient to enhance her shape. Bigger isn’t always better, though, if breast tissue is saggy. Combining augmentation with a breast lift achieves the best of both volume and projection while still looking and feeling very natural.
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