Think Your Concerns Require Breast Augmentation? Maybe Not!

Breast Augmentation Houston, TXAll people experience physical changes as they go through life. These changes affect overall shape and even how we feel on a day to day basis. Some of the concerns that we regularly hear expressed by the women who visit with us relate to the transformation their breasts have gone through. One does not need to have larger breasts to notice the effects of pregnancy, weight, hormones . . . LIFE. With time, the upper slope of the breasts decreases, and the distance between the nipples and the crease of the breasts diminishes. Sagging. Oh, how we wish we could prevent it! Since we can’t, there is a good reason to look into methods of restoring the shape you desire.

Historically, there has been a widespread perception that breast sagging can be handled by adding volume. Breast implants. But many women would prefer not to go that route. It may be possible to avoid this with a well-performed breast lift.

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, can:

Move breast tissue up.

One of the reasons why younger breasts are perkier breasts is because they are held up higher on the chest wall. Over time, the skin and superficial tissue that hold breasts in this position degrade. Without proper firmness, the weight of the breasts pulls downward, causing a saggy appearance. During a breast lift, great care is given to the position of breast tissue against the underlying structure.

Give the breasts more shape.

This is where people may get the wrong idea about breast augmentation being the answer to breast atrophy. It isn’t only the position of breasts that women miss, but the overall roundness and voluptuous nature of breast contours. What a breast lift can do is refine the cradle around breast tissue in a manner that supports the ideal shape for a woman’s frame.

Redirect the nipples.

Where skin goes, it all goes. At least when we’re looking at the breasts. As skin slopes downward, the direction of the nipples may also fall. Downward facing nipples can be adjusted to point outward during the mastopexy procedure.

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